Image by Csaba J Szabo.

The journey was peaceful. I closed my eyes most of the way, sat back and thought of all the wonderful things I had done that day. When I opened my eyes the frost was settling on the fields and trees, and the other passengers were either asleep, reading, or eating. When I got to the station I couldn’t see him. He always seemed to be late. I opened the door and jumped on to the platform. It was so dark and the smoke stood still as it hit the bitter air. The station was empty. I closed the door. I slipped on the icy ground and fell between the gap and the train. The train went on to Plymouth and I ended up in bits across the rails. My head got thrown into the tall tree – the one by the lamppost. I hung on a branch. I always liked that tree, as it had a love heart carved into the wood. He finally arrived. The birds sat around my head and sang. They should have been asleep. He glanced up and recognised my features. For the first time he really looked at me. It’s a shame I have to be decapitated to make him take any notice.


Annalise Spurr is a writer and singer from the magic lands of Somerset. She is currently in a band called Strange Folk and writes lyrics and melodies for their gothic style of music. Annalise also works for the RSPCA and is studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Hertfordshire University.

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