Neon Literary Magazine Issue Thirty-Eight

Neon Literary Magazine issue thirty-eight - magical realist, surreal and slipstream short stories and poetry.

[ Digital Edition Available On Request | Print Edition SOLD OUT ]

Issue thirty-eight of Neon begins with a world in which everyone has been swallowed by whales, and ends with a recurring nightmare story about a kitten. In between there are desert islands, floods and plagues, flings and wounds and Facebook, the possibility of cannibalism, and a series of lesser-known wars. The lineup includes Steve Subrizi, Peter Branson, Ian Mullins, Holly Day, Claire Joanne Huxham, Jonathan Greenhause, Mark Vanner, Alina Rios, Sam Preminger, and Huang Kaishan. The cover image is by Diána Farkas Fruzsina. As well as the usual selection of fiction and poetry, there is also an extract from Karen Heuler’s recent novel Glorious Plague.

Neon is free to read online, and costs just £4.00 for a physical copy. In its new, perfect-bound format each issue is around 70 pages, and is photo-illustrated in black and white. Free copies of Neon‘s tiny anthology of micro-fiction Battery Pack (featuring the miniature masterpieces of David Hartley, Henry Northmore, Sarah Butler, Tamasine Reilley, Jenny Mackenzie, and Tracy Fells) will be distributed along with this issue.

Published summer 2014 (print and online).

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