Neon Literary Magazine Issue Forty-Two
Neon Literary Magazine issue forty-two - magical realist, surreal and slipstream short stories and poetry.
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From a brief biography of a man raised as a chicken, to a mortuary romance, to a tale that teeters on the edge of a precariously-assembled tower, issue forty-two of Neon is packed with excellent poetry and fiction. There’s even a grotesquely surreal comic by Swedish artist Janne Karlsson, and a beautiful cover image by urban explorer and photographer James Kerwin. Featured writers include Luke Silver, Clifford Parody, Jane Flett, Mack W Mani, Tara White, Eliza Victoria, Gregory Cartwright, Caroline Hardaker, and Natalia Theodoridou.

Neon is free to read online, and costs just £4.00 for a physical copy. In its perfect-bound format each issue is around 70 pages, and is photo-illustrated in black and white. Included with the print edition of this issue was the free broadside Would You Like Your Receipt by Jaclyn Weber.

Published winter 2016 (print and online).


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