Image by Gerhard Taatgen JR

Why did I walk through that door? I think you know. I came to see you. I forget how it ended last night. I remember wine and laughing. We examined paintings by Dali. Then came news of the ticking clock, more of a lecture really. Did you go to bed happy? Sad? If it was sad don’t say a word–it probably has something to do with the baby. I like how you don’t look up from your book, the way you flip pages as I shuffle by. I’ve always admired your powers of concentration.


Kirby Wright is the 2011 Artist in Residence at Milkwood International, Czech Republic. He would like you to meet him at the Aloha Club in Old Town Prague, where he will buy you a Hawaiian Volcano.

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  1. Gordon Hall

    Short & powerful, this mixes humour and sadness to reveal the interior worlds of both the man and the woman. It also captures the man’s agony in either the loss of the child or the inability to produce one. Well done.


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