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Image by Kruno Knezevic.

Neon is an independent literary magazine; we receive no grants and are not affiliated with any university. In fact we are entirely reliant on the support of our readers to keep on publishing. I’m immensely grateful to everyone who reads, writes for, subscribes or donates to the magazine – as there’s no way that Neon would exist today were it not for them.

If you’d like to support one of the UKs very few independent literary magazines, the best and most simple way of doing so is to subscribe. A healthy subscriber base allows Neon on to grow and expand its reach – and I’ve worked hard to keep the cost of a subscription as low as possible. A subscription to Neon also makes an excellent gift.

If you’d like to contribute financially, but do not wish to collect paper copies of the magazine, a donation is an excellent way to help out. Each donation is split with the authors I publish, so you’ll be directly funding the work that you enjoy reading. Not only that, but anyone who donates or subscribes will have the option of being added to the “Supporters” page in the next issue of the magazine to be published.

If you don’t have any money to spare there are plenty of ways to support the magazine without spending anything. You can like, follow, subscribe or befriend Neon on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, and help it reach a wider audience. There’s also a mailing list (subscribe using the box at the bottom of this page) which goes out about four times a year. Also, leaving a comment on an issue or on an individual writer’s work is a really great way to support any publication.

Finally, Neon is always on the lookout for sponsors for future issues. Sponsorship is cost-effective and versatile, and you can sponsor an issue of the magazine either as an individual or as a company. Find out more about sponsorship here.


  1. nards99

    I studied and pored over the texture of poems of Neon magazine. Poems are exciting. I will send my poems soon for your magazine. Seriously, I will meditate on monetary help. With regards.
    H.No. 2/415, Kala Kuan,
    ALWAR-301001(Rajasthan). INDIA.

    1. Krishan Author

      Thanks Nar. I’ll look forward to reading your work. If you can afford to support the magazine too that would be wonderful – subscriptions, purchases and donations are the only things that keep Neon alive.


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