In the hope that someone might find it interesting or informative I’ve added up the numbers of submissions received last year. Totals are below, as well as a few notes about the submissions process and how it’s changed over the year.

Total Number Of Submissions Received: 2492

Number Accepted: 41 (1.7%)

Number Declined: 2378 (95.4%)

Number Withdrawn By Author: 73 (2.9%)

Average Response Time: Two And A Bit Days

Submishmash: For several months last year I used Submishmash to handle submissions. Although it made the process much easier and quicker it ended up being unaffordable, and so I’ve returned to email submissions. I’d be interested to know what writers think of using Submishmash.

Personal Responses: After sending personalised responses on and off over the course of last year I have ultimately had to abandon this practice as the number of submissions has steadily increased month by month. I currently use a system of tiered responses, so that I’m able to let writers know when I enjoyed their work, and when I’d like to read more. It’s not an ideal setup, and I’m considering ways to improve it in future, and be able to offer more useful feedback.

Summary: As with every year I am deeply impressed by the quality of the many submissions received. Although I can only accept a small number of them, I am honoured and surprised by how many talented authors have thought of Neon as a potential home for their work. Also greatly appreciated are the many writers who took the time to read, comment on, or subscribe to the magazine before submitting.

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  1. Submishmash: used for a few submissions at other publications. If every publication used it, it might be useful. As they don’t, it adds another layer to the things that need to be kept on top of and checked. Quite happy with old fashioned email.

    As your response times are very good, it makes the process of submitting to Neon attractive. There’s nothing more dispiriting than to wait six months – or more in some cases – for a rejection.

    Keep up the good work.


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