For at least the next few weeks I’ll be using Gumroad to handle downloads of the latest issue of Neon. Gumroad provide a very simple, straightforward payment processing system that allows buyers to set the price. This means that anyone anywhere can still download the magazine for free, but that you’ll also have the option of making a small donation as you do so.

Using Gumroad will allow me to track how many times each format of the magazine is downloaded, and also hopefully increase donations to help fund the magazine and pay the authors I publish.

I’d be really interested to hear from you about the experience of downloading via Gumroad. Did it work? Was it trouble-free? Do you prefer it to a direct download, or is it just some added hassle? Let me know via the contact form or the comments.

UPDATE (5th September 2013) – I’ve now stopped using Gumroad and returned to direct downloads. The experience was excellent, and the analytics they provide very useful, but several readers said that they found the direct download option easier. I recommend Gumroad for anyone who wants a simple, easy-to-use and transparent system for selling digital products, and may well use it in the future for other projects. For now though, you can once again download the magazine with a single click. Thanks for all the feedback!