Neon Literary Magazine Issue Thirty-Nine

Neon Literary Magazine issue thirty-nine - magical realist, surreal and slipstream short stories and poetry.

[ Digital Edition Available On Request | Print Edition SOLD OUT ]

In issue thirty-nine of Neon everything goes wrong. Parties become nightmares, bridges collapse into bays, a house fire consumes possessions, cars freeze over and life plans dissolve into nothingness. But if that all sounds a bit depressing it’s worth mentioning that there are also dinosaurs and quicksand-related adventures and an elephant that nobody seems to want to speak about, even when it’s drinking their tea. Contributors to this issue include James Nixon, Tracey Iceton, Debra McQueen, Emily Rose Cole, Alex Sword, Colin Bancroft, Jasmine Chatfield, Matthew Di Paoli, Jack Houston, Gerard McKeown, and Frederick Pollack. The cover image is by the very talented Davyd Samuels.

Neon is free to read online, and costs just £4.00 for a physical copy. In its new, perfect-bound format each issue is around 70 pages, and is photo-illustrated in black and white. Free copies of Neon‘s first ever pamphlet (Selected Timelines: Past & Future by Holly Jensen) were distributed along with this issue.

Published winter 2014 (print and online).

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