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  1. Steve Evans

    I found this succinct and useful advice. Would you mind if I alerted my students to it as part of a course about publishing?

  2. Leslie

    This is very helpful, but I’m curious about flash fiction; should one follow the manuscript guidelines for short stories or for poetry?

  3. Krishan Author

    Glad you found it useful, Leslie. I’d use the standard manuscript format for short stories for any piece of prose, no matter how short it is. Hope that helps!

  4. Hello,

    I’m just starting out with submitting to magazines and this article is wonderful and incredibly helpful. Submitting stories can be a very intimidating process so I appreciate this guidance.

    Thank you!

  5. Lisa Carroll-Hall

    I have just come across your website accidentally. What a find! I have written some poetry which has not yet been submitted, mainly due to the fact I hadn’t researched how. Thank you for the tips and guidance – reading this has inspired me to do it!

  6. I think it’s wonderful for you to share this. I looked at this several times for reference and it’s extremely helpful. I’m just starting to submit to magazines and the submission tracker is great as well.

  7. House

    This was a great find and a great help! I had no clue how to start and now I’ve formatted my stories and poems and feel a bit more confident to let my pieces go out. Thank you so much.

  8. B R Johnson

    I found your site, magazine, through a post on Critique Circle. This is by far the best information I’ve seen on formatting and submitting for publication. Thanks very much. Have read your magazine and will be reading more. I think maybe some of my flash fiction would fit, but will be reading more stories here to be sure.

  9. Uwem Umana

    This is very concise and clear. Thanks for posting this valuable information. Can you by any chance advise on how to do the word count. Or can I use the one generated by Word software?

    1. Krishan Author

      Hi there. The wordcount as generated by your word processing software is almost always fine. Hope that helps!

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