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  1. Krishan

    To add a personal note to that last point – several editorial agencies have approached me and offered a generous fee for each writer referred to them for editing. Needless to say I’ve ignored them, but this goes to show that it’s a common scam, even when it comes to short fiction and poetry. Don’t fall for it!

  2. Don McPherson

    Very helpful cautionary article.

  3. laurelwoodkeeper

    Thank you for this information. For any would be authors, please take the cautions here to heart and don’t be too eager to be published as I fell prey to a vanity publisher. I am grateful for the learning experience, though!


    Thanks for all your advice I have been approached by 2 vanity publishers one wants £2300
    the other £900

    • Sarah

      That is outrageous, and a real scam. Unfortunately those figures you were quoted were not the worst, I’ve heard about people part with as much as £20,000, only to end up seriously out of pocket. I hope you put them in their place. I assume you’re from the UK, as you used pounds sterling in your reply. This years edition of ‘The Writers & Artists Yearbook,’ features an informative article starting on page 145, written by Jonathan Clifford, about Vanity Publishers, plus his website gives a more detailed account of it too. Good luck in getting your book published by a genuine publisher.

  5. Sarah

    Brilliant advice for aspiring writers hoping to get their work published, I have bookmarked this page, and will be sure to keep a lookout for which publishers are genuine and which to avoid at all costs. Thank you.