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News: Issue Forty-Three Preview

A little preview of issue forty-three.

Issue forty-three is due back from the printer any day now, and I’ve set the release date for Thursday 4th August. That gives you just under a month to pre-order a copy or sign up for a subscription and receive Neon for an entire year.

This issue of Neon has everything, from a graphic short story about the Cat Ladies of Czechoslovakia to an investigation into the post-literary lives of various fictional characters. There’s also a story about a massacre on an asteroid, and some fantastic poetry and hybrid fiction from a selection of writers, poets and artists.

Our featured creators in this edition are Juliet Kinder, Lucas Shepherd, Thea Hawlin, Lynn Hoffman, Stephen Devereux, Karina Evans, Kelly Muskat, Lydia Armstrong, Faye Moorhouse, Robert N Lee, and Toby Penney. The cover image is by the award-winning young photographer Eleanor Leonne Bennett.

Head to the Purchase / Subscribe page to sign up or pre-order your copy of issue forty-three, or sign up to the mailing list below to be reminded on August 4th when it’s available to order.

News: Pay What You Want For All Three Neon Chapbooks

Get all three Neon chapbooks for a price you choose.

Starting today, and continuing until this time next week, all three Neon chapbooks will be available as a digital bundle. The really exciting part is this: you can set your own price! Just click here to head through to Gumroad, where you can decide what you’d like to pay, and then download all three chapbooks in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats.

In case you’ve forgotten, our three chapbooks are The Naming Of Cancer by Tracey S Rosenberg, A Week With Beijing by Meg Eden, and the award-winning novella The Mesmerist’s Daughter by Heidi James. Click the links to find out more about each one, or to read some samples.

This is the first time the chapbooks have been available on a pay-what-you-want basis. Normally, to get hold of all three would cost you £12… but now there are no set prices – you are welcome to download them for as little as nothing at all, or as much as £100. I hope this offer can persuade you to give them a look – and that you’ll consider these fantastic chapbooks to be worth the investment.

News: 2016 Write Well Award Nominations

Write Well Award

Following on from my last update about my nominations for the 2016 Forward Prize For Best Single Poem, I’ve also put forward several pieces for the 2016 Write Well Award, run by the Silver Pen Writers Association. This relatively new award seeks to recognise excellence in publishes short fiction in both print and electronic magazines. The three nominees are:

“Happy Ever After” – Ruth Brandt

Teddy’s Dead – Amber Hart

“Mandible” – Anton Rose

Click the links above to read online or download the selected pieces. You can also visit the Write Well Award site to read previous winning entries and learn more about the award. The winners should be announced later this year – congratulations and good luck to all of the nominees.

News: 2016 Forward Prize For Best Single Poem Nominations

Forward Prize Nominations 2016

The Forward Prizes, awarded annually, are some of the most prestigious awards for poetry available in the UK. Each year I nominate four of the best poems published in Neon during the previous twelve months for the Best Single Poem category – the top prize for which is £1000. The four nominees for this year are:

“Fill Your Boots” – Ian Mullins

“What Waits” – Eliza Victoria

“Elicit” – Clifford Parody

“Going Under” – Mack W Mani

Click the links above to read the poems online, or download the issue in which they appear for free. Three of the above are selected from issue forty-two, which is still available to buy in print from the issue home page. Best of luck to Ian, Eliza, Clifford and Mack – the shortlist for the prize will be announced in June.

“The Death Of The Motherless Kitten” Available As A Single

"Death Of The Motherless Kitten" by Huang Kaishan

Huang Kaishan’s haunting story “The Death Of The Motherless Kitten” first appeared in issue thirty-eight of Neon, all the way back in 2014. In that year, it was one of our Pushcart Prize nominations, and it remains free online for anyone to read. In it, a hapless narrator tells and retells a story about seeing a lost kitten by the side of the road. As the narrative fractures into a spray of different possible endings and meanings, it becomes clear that he’s hiding something dark and terrible.

Of course, “The Death Of The Motherless Kitten” is still available online as part of issue thirty-eight. I’ve also made it available as a single, which you can download, print, share or transfer to an eReader. Here it is in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats. You can also download it from the issue homepage, or search for it on Smashwords or Amazon.

This digital pamphlet is entirely free. If you enjoy the story, please don’t hesitate to share it as widely as possible. More of the most popular short stories from Neon will be appearing as singles in the future – follow us on Facebook, Twitter or via the mailing list to be kept up to date.

News: Issue Forty-Two Preview

Issue Forty-Two Preview

I’ve spent today putting the finishing touches to the eBook editions of issue forty-two of Neon. If all goes to plan, the latest instalment of the magazine will launch at the end of this month, on February 29th. If you want to be one of the first people to get hold of a copy, why not place a pre-order, or even subscribe?

From a brief biography of a man raised as a chicken, to a mortuary romance, to a tale that teeters on the edge of a precariously-assembled tower, this issue is packed with excellent poetry and fiction. There’s even a grotesquely surreal comic by Swedish artist Janne Karlsson, and an innocuous-looking but unique broadside by poet Jaclyn Weber.

Other writers featured in issue forty-two include Luke Silver, Clifford Parody, Jane Flett, Mack W Mani, Tara White, Eliza Victoria, Gregory Cartwright, Caroline Hardaker, and Natalia Theodoridou.

This will be our largest print run ever for an issue of Neon. Thanks to everyone who has already subscribed or purchased a copy – and for everyone else, it’s never too late to do so.

News: 2015 Best Small Fictions Nominations

The Best Small Fictions 2015.

Last year, Claire Joanne Huxham’s story “Correspondence” from  issue thirty-eight was selected for inclusion in the Queen’s Ferry Press anthology The Best Small Fictions. This year, I’ve nominated a selection of short works from the magazine once again. Here they all are.

“Love Drug In Pill Form” by Paul French (40)

“The Autopsy” by Annalise Spurr (41)

“Death By Kissing” by Tamsin Hopkins (41)

“Feral” by Kate Feld (41)

“Infestation Miracles” by Daniel Uncapher (41)

Best of luck to all the nominees. The Best Small Fictions collects the best fiction between six and one thousand words published in the previous year. You can find out more about it on the Queen’s Ferry Press page. While you’re there, why not pick up a copy of last year’s collection? In its pages you’ll find that Claire’s story has some excellent company, with selections from dozens of other talented writers.

News: 2015 Pushcart Prize Nominations

Pushcart Prize 2015

As December approaches once again, I’ve looked back over the fiction and poetry that has appeared in Neon during 2015, and made six selections to be nominated for the annual Pushcart Prize. This prestigious award collects the best work published by small presses each year. My nominations are below – click the links to download or read online.

“Happy Ever After” by Ruth Brandt (40)

“Best Of Drive Thru” by Mack Gelber (40)

“The Spider In You” by Sean Markey (40)

“2000” by Nadine Darling (41)

“Asynchronous Ferox” by Alec Hutchinson (41)

“Trophy Room, Burnby Hall” by Matthew Dobson (41)

Congratulations and the best of luck to all of the above. You can find out more about the Pushcart Prize and keep up to date with the judging process on their website.

News: Issue Forty-One Preview

A glimpse inside issue forty-one...

Issue forty-one of Neon is being printed as we speak, and should ready for the tentative launch date of Saturday 26th September. This also happens to be the day of the Free Verse Poetry Book Fair, where Neon Books will have a table. If you’re in London on the day, why not drop by and pick up a fresh copy of the new issue in person, along with one of our three chapbooks? Alternatively there’s still time to pre-order your copy, or sign up for a subscription.

In our forty-first edition we have a story told backward in time, as well as tales of unsettling dystopian funerals, meat obsessions, and odd encounters on the London Underground. There’s also a selection of poetry, including a piece about birds’ feet and another about an unusual autopsy. This issue features the work of Nadine Darling, Annalise Spurr, Amber Hart, Tamsin Hopkins, Alec Hutchinson, Kate Feld, Ian Mullins, Anton Rose, Daniel Uncapher, and Matthew Dobson.

Not only that, but this issue will come with a free copy of Battery Pack Volume II – a micro-anthology featuring six brand new short stories each of seventy-five words or less.

News: Video Poems From “The Naming Of Cancer” and “A Week With Beijing”

Tracey S Rosenberg and Meg Eden – the poets behind the two recent poetry chapbooks published by Neon Books – have been kind enough to record their readings of a sample poem from each volume. Here then, for your viewing and listening pleasure, are “Steadfast” from the The Naming Of Cancer and “A List Of Beijing’s Discovered Phobias” from A Week With Beijing.


Don’t forget, both chapbooks are still available to order in both print and digital formats. If you’d like to get hold of a copy of the award-winning The Mesmerist’s Daughter by Heidi James as well, you can order all three titles together for just £12.