Blog SubmissionsNeon runs an intermittently-updated blog, concerned with all things literary. The blog is always open to submissions, and if you have a piece that you think might fit there, all you have to do is get in touch by email to There is no payment for work featured on the blog, but each post is accompanied by a bio and link of the author’s choice.

I’m happy to consider features of all kinds, but for guidance the categories I’m presently interested in are below.


I am interested in reviews of work in any medium – with a particular focus on the strange and the dark. Most reviews are of small press, independent or obscure titles. Completed reviews are welcome, or you can get in touch if you’d like to be added to Neon‘s list of reviewers. Please send samples of your work, as well as some information about yourself and what you like to review.

If you think you have a book, game, film or other creation which might be suitable for review on the blog, do send along a query with as much information as possible.


Most interviews published on the blog are with writers and artists featured in Neon. I am also interested in interviews with other writers, artists and creators, particularly independent or small press ones. If you have arranged an interview that you think might be of interest, do get in touch and let me know. Equally, if you’d like to interview one of the artists featured in the magazine, just get in touch – preferably with some examples of your previous interview work.

Literary Lists

Each Literary List published on the blog focusses on a different format or medium: short stories, poetry, horror stories, video games, etc. The lists are designed to draw attention to under-appreciated works in a variety of mediums. They generally consist of a brief introduction, followed by a personal selection of five of your favourite examples of a given form. Please submit a proposal, outlining the form in which you’re interested along with a sample of your writing.


The blog occasionally features detailed, well-researched articles on topics that might be of interest to an intelligent, literate audience. Our chief focus is on any subject connected with reading, writing, publishing, art or art’s intersection with the wider world. Please send a proposal in the first instance, and I’ll let you know if I’d be interested in publishing the finished article.