A Week With Beijing - A Poetry Chapbook by Meg Eden

Mickey insists, I’m not a mouse! I’m just
a cat with unusually round ears.

Mickey, cut the crap. We all know
copyright infringement when we see it.
Even the costume teens admit their stolen
identities. It’s only the overworked mothers
who snap like socialists:

Shouldn’t others be able to use
those characters besides Disney?

Seven refugee dwarfs with careless
eyes wave to the cameras, which translates:
Always protect your social security numbers.
You never know who they’ll make love to.
The dwarfs cluster by a weeping woman statue,
bearing trademark Snow White tendencies.

Mickey tells me, Disneyland is too
far away, please come here –
But tourist evidence reveals
a loss more fragile –

If we are name-stealers,
then call me Wendy Zhang.
Let me be twenty poets.
Let me run whole-heartedly
through pavement-seas
with this dangerous freedom.


A Week With Beijing is Neon‘s second chapbook. Find out more and order a copy from the chapbook’s home page.