Welcome to Neon‘s collection of writing resources. Below are listed some completely free online materials, designed to help and inform writers – particularly those based in the UK. There’s a calendar of deadlines and writing events, a list of literary magazines, an article on how to avoid vanity publishers, and more.

If you find these resources useful, please donate, link to this page, or drop me a note. And similarly if you can think of an addition to an article, list or calendar, please let me know so that I can include it!


Writing Articles

How To Submit Your Writing To Literary Magazines – A guide to the sometimes-bemusing process of preparing your work for submission to a literary magazine or website.

How To Identify A Vanity Press – Some hints and tips on how to identify publishers that may not have your best interests at heart.

How To Find Absolutely Anything (That You Might Need As A Writer) – A concise index of various online and offline resources which might be useful to writers.

Useful Link Lists

UK Literary Magazines – A list of literary magazines (magazines which publish fiction, poetry and criticism) based in the UK.

UK Literary Agencies – An incomplete list of UK literary agencies. Agents help writers negotiate with publishers and sell their books.

UK Writing Competitions – A list of major UK writing competitions for short stories, poems, novels and collections.

Poetry Publishers – UK poetry book publishers. This section lists major and independent publishers of poetry books and chapbooks.

Resources – Online resources that might be useful to writers, including dictionaries, prompt generators and feedback sites.

Submissions Tracker

We’ve put together an Excel spreadsheet that you can download and use to track your submissions. Features include colour-coded entries and sortable records.