Neon Literary Magazine

Welcome to Neon Literary Magazine. We publish three times a year in print and online. Our tastes tend towards the dark and the surreal. We publish literary and slipstream short-form writing: poetry, fiction and experimental forms. We like to play around with language and structure, while still telling excellent stories. We have a particular proclivity for the apocalyptic.

Neon is based in the UK, but publishes writers from anywhere in the world. The magazine is available for free online (although we are very happy when readers donate or buy print copies, as it helps us keep on publishing).

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Neon was founded in 2006, and was originally published as FourVolts Magazine. The most recent issue can be read online for free by clicking the “Current Issue” tab above. We also publish a series of chapbooks and pamphlets, and maintain a blog and a collection of free writing and publishing resources.