Neon is one of the most long-running independent literary magazines in the UK. It makes an appearance twice each year in print and a range of digital formats. Each edition features a blend of surreal and speculative fiction, poetry, art and photography. Neon sits on the edge of horror and science-fiction, but with strong literary leanings. If you have a taste for the magical realist or uncanny, Neon is the magazine for you.

“There are precious few magazines like this, and I’ll do anything I can to help it survive…”Jenny Baily
“Neon offers variety, intrigue, and solid writing…” GUD Magazine
As a collection, Neon packs a lot of punch for its minimal size. This thoughtfully-planned little book is a definite keeper…– Newpages



We go to great lengths to publish the finest fiction, poetry and artwork we can find.To get an idea of our flavour, we suggest this story about a boy raised as a chicken, or this poem about forgetfulness in the aftermath of an accident. We also love this terrifying trip to a drive-thru, this reflection on an interstellar massacre, this lovely piece about sinking in the middle of a city, and this one about dealing with the future of your past.

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Neon publishes work from anywhere in the world, and we’re committed to helping new writers and artists find their footing. We pay for every piece we publish, and stay in touch with our featured creators after publication to promote them through the rest of their career. To find out how you can submit your work, get personalised feedback, and support the magazine while doing so, please visit the guidelines page.