Neon Literary Magazine

For a taste of Neon‘s somewhat-skewed world, we suggest you try this story about a boy raised as a chicken, or this poem about forgetfulness in the aftermath of an accident. Or how about a terrifying trip to a drive thru? A reflection on a massacre on an asteroid? Then there’s this story about sinking in the middle of a city, or this one about dealing with the future or your past.

Like what you read? Head for the current issue or archives to read some more, or to get your hands on a physical (ink and paper!) edition of some of our fine words.

Neon is an independent UK-based literary magazine, which shows its face two or three times each year. Each edition (available both in print and in a range of digital formats) features a surreal, speculative blend of fiction, poetry, art and photography. Neon sits on the edge of horror and science-fiction, but with strong literary leanings. If you have a taste for the magical realist or uncanny, Neon is likely the magazine for you.

GUD Magazine has said that “Neon offers variety, intrigue, and solid writing,” while reported that “As a collection, Neon packs a lot of punch for its minimal size. This thoughtfully-planned little book is a definite keeper“.

Neon is the flagship publication of Neon Books – a small press which publishes a tiny, carefully-curated range of chapbooks and pamphlets each year. Neon Books is also responsible for Battery Pack (an annual anthology of microfiction), and maintains a literary blog and a range of free resources for budding writers.

The magazine was founded in 2006, and now has more than forty issues in its archives. Click the tabs above to explore and download or purchase the latest issue (copies can be delivered anywhere in the world). If you think your work might be at home in the pages of Neon, check out the “Guidelines” page for all the information you need to know in order to send your work for publication.